LIZ: Before the Plague VR
Immersive Horror Experience

How will you survive the night?

LIZ: Before the Plague is a VR horror immersive experience with investigative and action gameplay dynamics and a narrative driven story. One night, in a near future a special investigation Unit named Liz responds to a distress call from a pharmaceutical company. Looks like a common case, but it's not.
A hard night of investigation awaits, and she can't imagine what's behind.

Be a Detective

Immerse yourself in the role of Elizabeth Reed, a Boston Police detective and investigate the strange incident that occurred in the Ankh Pharmatech building.


Use your own tools to collect info in your database, remotely inspect items and find the truth about the accident.
Sharpen your detective skills to understand how to solve various puzzles scattered around the building.

Train yourself

Practice your shooting skills in the Shooting Range mode so you will be ready for the upcoming updates.
A good detective must be ready to react to any situation!


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