LIZ: Before the Plague VR

How will you survive the night?

LIZ: Before the Plague is a story driven VR immersive investigation and shooting game with a horror mood. One night, in a near future a special investigation Unit named Liz responds to a distress call from a pharmaceutical company. Looks like a common case, but it's not.
A hard night of investigation awaits, and she can't imagine what's behind.


Game Features

Get Involved

Experience Liz’s courage and the emotions changing during this hard and un-expected mission. Be prepared to be held accountable for every action you take. Will you be able to recognize the truth from the lie?

Experience the Future

Accompany Liz in a sci-fi Boston city, using new investigation and communication technologies in a world survived to an environmental apocalypse. An impressive company is your mission destination: visit its mysterious halls and depth discovering the truth that is hidden.

Investigate and Survive

Use an advanced PDA to analyze and collect info and evidences to understand the story beyond a distress call. Help Liz to move in the building resolving puzzles and clues due to a strange security protocol. Survive and protect yourself and survivors from the enemies you’ll find during the mission by the support of your personal B-4, a new generation drone.

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